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In Between. Skin care collection. All good. Organic. 

Welcome to the In Between, our new all organic, super nice skincare collection with two soothing fragrances that offers you a break in the everyday busy life, a place for thoughts and considerations to take place. It is made in the best possible way and is labeled with NaTrue, which among other things means it does not contain any synthetic fragrances or colors and is without Parabens and other wacky things.


Citrus - Liquid soap, Lotion, Hand cream, Soap, Sentence candle In Between - new skin care range

An Inbetween.
This is a collection of all good and organic skincare products that will give you a new kind of break, a sense and frangrance that appeals to your senses and give you an inbetween in the everyday busy life rush.

All good. Organic.
The collection consists of liquid soap, body lotion, hand cream, soap, body scrub and sented candles. The producs contains only natural and organic ingredients. Skincare products for cleansingm exfoliating and moisturizing. 

Eukalyptus - Body Scrub and soap Wood - Liquid soap, Lotion, Hand cream, Soap, Sentence candle
Bathrobe Waffle Lightgrey
Organic & labelled with NaTrue. 

Our skin care products are organic and labelled with NaTrue.
It is made in the all best way and includes:

•  no synthetic fragrances and colors
•  no petroleum-based ingredients or silicone oils
•  no genetically modified ingredients or irradiated end products
•  no ingredients or finished products tested on animals
•  no nanoparticles or parabens

Many products cannot be made without chemically modifying certain natural ingredients. Hence the need for strict rules to define how and when these ingredients are allowed to be modified.

By limiting the proportion of chemically modified ingredients to their absolute minimum, achieves an as natural end product as possible. This guarantee of naturalness is unique to the NaTrue certification. Lear more by visit


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