The competition is now finished.

Big thanks to everyone who joined and shared their best summer gift ideas.

Some of our favourite tips that you have shared:

"My best summer gift tips are to choose something that is timeless and needed (even after summer), I like to give usable and enjoyable things like beautiful and simple home decoration things, games one can play with friends or then an experience that will stay as a warm memory on one's heart. Most important thing is to think about the gift's reciever :)"

"Self-prepared canned goods are always a great tip. Especially as a Finn I tend to give gifts such as blueberry jam or lingonberry mash; July, August and September are the best months to go picking them!"

"I'm loving the combination of concrete pots with beautiful green plants or flowers in them and I think they make the best summer gift. In case you are attending a party, you can combine that for example with outdoor light set - those make the Scandinavian summer evenings and nights on the balconies and back yards so fabulous."

"A weekend away with family by a lake, nice food and the tipi tent for the kids to play in! "

"Homemade treats like rhubarb syrup in a beautiful bottle or a special jam/chutney - or always a hit: pickled fruits in rum."

"A hammock for the garden is a great gift during summer! It's awesome to relax and chill and just a perfect summer gift tip for warm days and watching the stars at night!"

The winners are:

Madeleine Jamet
Jagna Musial 
Barbara Stöhr
Monica Jönsson
Larissa Kirstein
Emma Paasikivi
Fia Gindahl
Maria Birberg
Daniel Ingvarsson
Patty Rebernigg 
Sanni Björklund
Jenna Teppo
Tekla Vanhakartano
Anna van der Veer
Sonja Schuetz

All winners have been contacted on email.